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"Home Away From Home" Boarding
 Spoiled Rotten Style!

Welcome to "Our kind of boarding," where we have luxury suites that remind your pet of home. Here your pet will be free to roam around the house or private room, cage-free and happy in their home away from home! Is your furry friend not friendly towards other pets? No problem! We have space to keep all pets apart, with unlimited access to our fully enclosed yard and comfortable patio.

There are less than a handful of rooms available, we recommend booking boarding services as soon as possible. 
Continue below for more information on room & prices:

Cage Free In-House Boarding 

When it comes to traveling, we take the stress out of leaving your pets behind! Many pets do well in a bustling kennel facility, however, not all pets find it to be a good fit. We open our home to these furry babies looking for a quiet space that reminds them of their own home.  We constantly hear how much clients' pets love staying at Danielle's house! It's their home away from home, and when you return, your pet will be happy and refreshed. 

Price includes a cool & quiet room for your pets (cage-free unless needed by pet owner), unlimited yard time, regular dietary routine, bedding, toys, water, and more!

In-House Boarding Pricing



         $25 per additional dog
           $15 for day boarding (730am-6pm)


$45 per night for 1 dog
$35 day boarding (730am-6pm)

Peeping Puppy

Payments & Policy

Due to our limited space for in-home boarding, payment is due 5 days prior to the start of your reservation. Cancellations made with less than 3 days notice are not eligible for a refund or credit. *Holiday Bookings- Cancellations made for holidays (listed on our website) are NOT eligible for a refund or credit regardless of time of notice. This is in order to accommodate all requests in a fair and timely manner. ​

We require a credit card on file for incidentals, for the convenience of our clients, and the protection of our property. Must provide proof of vaccination (rabies, distemper, parvo). New clients must book a day boarding consultation before being accepted for long-term boarding. This is to ensure that your pet will feel at home with us and that we are a good fit. Day boarding consultations for new clients is $20, which will be credited towards future boarding should you decide to use our services. 

*Price listed above is for 1 room. If you require several rooms to separate your pets, one room starts at $45/night. 

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