Free Initial Consultation: All new clients will receive a free “meet and greet” session in your home prior to any services provided to allow everyone to get to know each other and feel comfortable drafting a specialized care package for your pet(s). It is important that you feel comfortable in our abilities to provide trustworthy and reliable services to your pet and home while you are away.

Daily Visits Include:

- Feeding /Fresh water
- Playtime with pet (indoor/outdoor)
- Bonding time (brushing/petting)
- P.U.P (pick up poop and clean up ‘accidents’/ cat litter box)
- Bring in mail, newspaper, water plants, open/close blinds, turning on/off lights, television, radio.

- Medications administered.

$23/ 30 minute visit. 

$29/ 45 minute visit.

$35/ 60 minute visit.

$15/ Pop-In visit.. perfect for cats only!


Overnight stays: $80+ (price determined by special needs and location)

Pet Sitting Hours

Standard Pet sitting hours are from 7am to 9pm. Any pet sitting service (excluding overnight stays) requests before or after hours can be accommodated for a $5.00 after hours charge.


Payment of Services

Payment of services is due on the first date of service. If payment is not received on the first date of service, a fee of $10 will be added to the total of services rendered.


Cancelation Policy

We require 72 hours notice of canceling for all services (daily clients require 24 hours notice). Services canceled within given time frame will receive 50% of payment refunded in the form of credit. Cancelations made without enough notice will not be refunded. This is in order to accomodate all requests in a fair and timely matter. 


Holiday Deposit

Due to an increase in pet services during the holidays, we require a non-refundable deposit of the total services provided prior to the date of service (Nov. 15th for Thanksgiving week and Dec. 15th for Christmas week). If services need to be cancelled, we require a 72 hour notice in order to receive a 50% refund in the form of credit. Any cancelations made without 72 hour notice will not be refunded.