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          Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What can we expect when we sign up for the Potty Break Pack?


A: Your pets will enjoy a 10-15 minute walk outside to take care of business and get some fresh air. We will pick up after your pet, give them plenty of TLC, and refresh their water. Your pet will get one on one time with their dog walker, so you do not have to worry about your pet walking with other dogs they do not know. 



Q: Can I sign up with family/friends around the city?


A: In order to receive the discount of the Potty Break Pack, all members who sign up need to live in the same apartment complex and/or neighborhood or community.



Q: Can more than 4 members sign up for this service?


A: Yes, we allow up to 6 members from the same community to sign up for a time slot for the potty break.



Q: What hours and days is this service offered?


A: The Potty Break Pack is only offered Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm. In order to book a successful pack group, you will all need to agree on a time slot (example 10am-11am, 12pm-1pm). This service is not offered on weekends or after hours. 



Q: How do we sign up?


A: Once you have 3 friends to join the Potty Break Pack, contact us via email or phone and we will gladly set up a time to meet with you to set up your pet's daily potty break routine. If you need help finding 3 other members to join for service, contact us with your apartment complex and we will gladly come out and contact your apartment manager to find more members. If you live in a community/neighborhood, contact us for a flyer to find more members to join this great service! 



Q: Can I cancel at any time?


A: Yes, as a courtesy we ask to give one month's notice of canceling this service so that we can find someone to replace your position in the pack. We do need at least 4 members in each pack, so if one member drops we will need to fill the position in order for the rest of the pack to continue to use this service.





What is the Potty Break Pack?


     The potty break pack is perfect for anyone who works long hours and wishes there was someone to come and let their dogs out for a quick potty break in the middle of the day. We know that it can get expensive having someone come out on a regular basis to give your pets that much needed potty break and time outside to stretch their legs! In order to save you money, we've come up with the Potty Break Pack. All it takes is you and three friends/neighbors to sign up for regular visits Monday-Friday. When 4 people sign up together, everyone wins and can enjoy these great anemities:







           Dogs will enjoy a daily routine of getting time outside to get some fresh air and take care of business!



           Save $100+/month by having a pack sign up together. When you and 3 members join, membership is just $10/day              versus $15+ per individual.



           Your pets can enjoy their new friend dogwalker and get daily visits to break up their time inside during the day.

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